Temporary Staffing change to Contractual Staffing

Upnotch Consulting assist’s corporate clients in their staffing requirement by providing staffing services on temporary or contractual basis. Our reliable solution offers you the ability to build your staff strength without absorbing them full time,assist employees during uncertain conditions and keep projects moving.

Recruitment Services

We offer a wide range of high quality talent consulting services. We deliver talent through domain expert consultant team. Our recruitment expertise and strong connects within the industry, will add significant value to your hiring process.

Recruitment service we offer
*IT Staffing.
*End to End Recruitment.
*Sourcing Service.
*RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Payroll Processing

We provide affordable payroll outsourcing services in all over India to suit the needs of any kind of businesses across different domains. With this service, you can be rest assured of less paper work and you get the best value for money. We fully understand that payroll processing is a time-consuming but extremely important process as it involves two of the most valuable assets for your organization – People & Money. We take care of it so that you can concentrate on other important tasks and company expansion plans

The monthly activities would involve coordinating with the client's office for attendance registers and update of the same into our system for generation of various reports including Payslip, salary sheets, deductions statements and Income Tax, Proff. Tax. Etc. Account Manager identified from our end would do all the client side engagement and our back office team for processing and handover of payroll data. A Co-ordinator to be identified at your end for a one-point contact with us for all the confidential information.
We wish to assure you ofthe best secure environment for confidential handling of the payroll data.

“It’s important to be objective and make an unbiased hiring decision.”​